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I help podcasters find their authentic story, gain confidence, and

produce a unique show that builds community with purpose.


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The Challenge

So many podcasters get off on the wrong foot

It’s not just the equipment, a catchy title and a few ideas for episodes that sets you apart and sets you up for a successful show. Earlier in 2020 iTunes surpassed the 1 million podcast mark. This means that listeners have more options than ever for the content they consume. 

This new medium can be complex. Just because you know the formula doesn’t mean that you will automatically have listeners, or build community or make money…but a lot of people will promise you this.

You can press all the right buttons at all the perfect moments but if your show lacks heart then you are in for a rude awakening. 

The Solution

Show them who YOU are…that’s what sets you apart

So how do you connect with an audience and build a loyal following?

What your audience really wants from you…is YOU! They want to see that you are a real relatable person that understands how they think and will teach them a new way of being or doing. They want to see that you have passion and purpose.

Whether you are a podcast newbie or looking to refresh your show and your strategy, if your intention is to help people, to educate, to motivate and to maybe even entertain just a little bit along the way, then you are in good company. And we’ll make sure your show has the impact you want. Let’s chat.

My first podcast

A Sustainable Mind

A Sustainable Mind began as a master’s thesis project where I interviewed the minds behind today’s most impactful environmental campaigns, organizations and startups. ASM now has 537 ratings and over 1.1 Million downloads in only 80 episodes, some of the best stats for environmental podcasts worldwide. 

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