Queer & Woo


LGBT issues and topics like spirituality, personal development,

mental health and wellness are rarely conversations that overlap in podcasting.

It’s time we embrace this much needed conversation. 

About the show

Whether you came out decades ago or just last week, finding safe spaces as a queer person can be hard. And when it comes to sensitive topics like mental health, gender identity, healthcare, relationship, and family dynamics, religion, and dating, it can be even harder. Each week Marjorie Alexander, out lesbian for over 20 years and self-care newbie, has conversations with people from all identities within the queer experience about their challenges, triumphs, and what they do on a regular basis to build the muscle for self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love. This podcast is for queer folx and allies who are looking to experience more love, develop deeper personal relationships, and live a more authentic and fully-expressed life.

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Latest Episodes

QWOO 003: 5 Ways to Find Your Queer Community

In this episode Marjorie talks about 5 ways she's been able to find community and create strong friendships with other queer folks over the last 13 years. Resources Mentioned: Meetup.com Apps OK Cupid - OKCupid.orgTrevorSpace (for LGBTQ youth 13-24)...


What People are Saying

“Valuable Resource”

I am so grateful to have this resource for myself and for my child. I do my best to support my child, and yet, I can’t provide guidance as she navigates life as a queer young person. Thank you, Marjorie for becoming a trustworthy guide and companion for us both. Thank you.”

Birth Ease

“Not a bit surprised this is great!”

Honest, raw, real and full of invaluable information. I’m excited to see how this show grows.


“Helping me to find my way”

It can be hard to be queer and not have supportive people around you. This podcast really cuts to the heart of what I have needed to hear.



“Queer & Woo is fabulous. Host Marjorie is like that best friend who uses humor and vulnerability to talk about what matters now.”